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Try These 12 Amazing Chicago Costume Ideas for Halloween

Try These 12 Amazing Chicago Costume Ideas for Halloween

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The Best Chicago-Themed Costume Ideas 

With Halloween fast approaching, it's time to put the finishing touches on your costume. We believe that looking around our city may bring a fantastic amount of inspiration, whether you're just not inspired or haven't had time to pick something up yet. With that in mind, check out these Chicago-themed costume ideas for Halloween and express your Chicago love.

1. Ditka, Coach

This is a classic, but it's so simple to pull off and is so Chicago. All you need for the Coach Ditka outfit are the famous Bears sweater vest, aviators, a mustache, and a shirt and tie. If you don't already have a Bears sweater or sweater vest in your wardrobe, Amazon has you covered.

2. Retro Bulls Addict

You could utilize the mustache and aviators to match with your old Bulls apparel, similar to the Ditka costume. With the Bears' current season, we'd understand if you wanted to represent the Bulls rather than the Bears. Just make sure your Chicago accent is flawless!

3. Dangerous Business

This one is really straightforward to do. All you need is a white button-down shirt and some very short shorts that are concealed by the shirt's length. Pair with white socks and black sunglasses to complete the outfit.

Four. Mean Girls

Another timeless option, you can't go wrong with a Regina George costume for Halloween. With all of the fantastic characters and the many clothing they wear during the film, you have a lot of options here, but we're going with traditional Regina. You'll need her "A Little Bit Dramatic" tank, which is available here. Wear a pink cardigan over the tank and either a pleather black mini skirt or a pleated pink mini skirt to complete the outfit; she is pictured wearing both.

The Blues Brothers (5th)

This is another iconic Chicago style that is really easy to achieve. You just need a black suit, a black tie, a black hat, and black sunglasses. This Halloween, represent Chicago in style.

President Barack Obama

You can't go wrong going up as our president for Halloween, since he is without a doubt one of Chicago's favorite sons. All you need is your best suit and, of course, an Obama mask, which can be found at almost any costume shop. If you can't find one for whatever reason, we've got you covered.

7. The Flapper Girl

If you want to travel even further back in time than the Coach Ditka appearance, the antique 1920's Chicago flapper girl costume is ideal. Styleably represent Chicago and the Roaring Twenties. You're likely to find something you like among the many flapper girl costumes available at Party City.

Chance The Rapper 8th

Rep Chance this Halloween to ensure you get on that super light beam, since he is another of Chicago's beloved sons. Chance has a variety of styles, but you can put together a nice Chance costume with some overalls and a classic White Sox cap.

9. Any Chicago Sports Figure

Some could call it a sham, but we think it's just a great basic costume. Put on one of your favorite Chicago sports jerseys and pretend to be your favorite Chicago athlete. The possibilities are unlimited. You might be Patrick Kane or Kris Bryant. Please, though, leave the old Derrick Rose jersey at home.

Ferris Bueller's Day Off

Who doesn't adore Ferris Bueller, a famous Chicago film? This Halloween, channel your inner Ferris with his entire movie costume. Look at the outfit here.

Ferris wouldn't be having nearly as much fun if it weren't for his girl Sloane Peterson. Don't go to Halloween without your daughter; luckily, a full Sloane costume is also available. Check it out right here.

11. CTA Track Employee

The fantastic CTA. Nothing has a stronger love/hate connection with the people of Chicago than the CTA. Dress in blue and wear one of those awesome neon construction vests for Halloween, and you could well find up getting to lead a railway car yourself! The CTA is probably OK with that; they even have a kid's track worker outfit.

Harry Caray (12th)

This Halloween, you can't go wrong with the Harry Caray look. All you need are some thick-framed black spectacles, white hair, suspenders, and a love of Cubs baseball.

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