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​​​​​​​Two Ways to View the Navy Pier Fourth of July Fireworks Display in Downtown Chicago: Lakeside Lights - Atrio Apartments Blog

​​​​​​​Two Ways to View the Navy Pier Fourth of July Fireworks Display in Downtown Chicago: Lakeside Lights

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Two Ways to View the Navy Pier Fourth of July Fireworks Display in Downtown Chicago: Lakeside Lights

Chicago the Beautiful

At Navy Pier, the metropolitan skyline sparkles over Lake Michigan as water lapping against the coast. As children play and giggle, the fountains burst into life as the Chicago sun sets behind you.
As the Cubs gain the lead, Wrigley Field is filled with the sound of the bat, and then…
Over Willis Tower, the sky erupts, illuminating the already starry night with hues of red, white, and blue.

Wow, you say to yourself as the Navy Pier Ferris Wheel rotates and a refreshing breeze caresses your face. You are surrounded by a beautiful aura of light as colors brilliantly reflect off the water in a stunning display. People are smiling in awe and looking up at the sky with strong energy.
It's time for one of the most lovely American holidays and celebrations!

Fireworks on July Fourth!

With the best fireworks shows close to downtown Chicago, Catalyst Chicago wants to make sure your Fourth of July is unforgettable.

Below are links to numerous fantastic shows. Be sure to reserve your boat tour on the Summer of George lakefront cruise before space runs out.

  1. Navy Pier Fireworks – the most wonderful show!

Navy Pier kicks off Independence Day weekend with the specatacular Hilton Fireworks display at 9:30 p.m. Saturday, July 2.

To secure a prime viewing location along the Pier, visitors are advised to get there early. By way of Hilton's generosity, guests will receive "diffraction glasses," which will give the fireworks display a thrilling new level of visual intrigue (while supplies last).
One of the numerous free outdoor events honoring the Fourth of July weekend is Hilton Fireworks at Navy Pier, which is accompanied by holiday-themed music.
Reminder: There won't be any fireworks on July 4th, Monday.

  1. Chicago River and Navy Pier Boat Cruise

On your trip to the lake, join as people cruise along the Chicago River while enjoying beautiful views of the city's cityscape. Once on the water, you may see the spectacular fireworks display from Navy Pier, the best of 2022, with unrestricted views.

Don't panic if Navy Pier doesn't have fireworks. We're going to see fireworks somewhere else! It'll be a fireworks and alcohol cruise!

Free gifts include a personal American flag.


Check out the Chicago Tribune's post on where to find more Fourth of July performances and activities in the Chicago area for a comprehensive list. see fireworks here.

If you have any inquiries or know of any other local shows, please leave a remark for us!

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